Vancouver Cohousing Waiting list for Buyers and Renters

Vancouver Cohousing Waiting list for Buyers and Renters

Thanks for taking the time to fill out this updated form for buyers and rentals.

If you wish to be notified when units become available for sale or rental, please complete the form below to be added to our wait pool. Cohousing units are not subsidized and therefore sell and rent at market values. Currently, we are getting on average one inquiry a day for unit rentals and or sales. (Most are for sales)

We have had very little movement in the first 4 years but this 5th year during COVID we had transitions in 3 units as families adjusted to offsite work etc. .  We have therefore added a new question in the form asking if you would like to be considered for any new cohousing being developed in the Lower Mainland. You can also track new developments at or 

We will no longer be responding to each inquiry but your name will remain on the potential buyers and renters list. Hopefully, as COVID fades into the past we can begin tours again and you will have a chance to learn more about cohousing.

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