Nicole & Pedro

nicolepedro-sliderNicole and Pedro met in beautiful Puerto Vallarta where he is from. After living together in Mexico for many years and experiencing the close knit culture his family was a part of, we knew that this was the way we wanted …

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I have spent time living in the communities of Yarrow Ecovillage and WindSong and have always enjoyed the community feel of cohousing life. I am a young professional that is seeking more then the picket white fences of suburbia, I …

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Richard & Iris


Iris: I grew up in an urban poor neighbourhood in the Philippines where people relied on each other for material and personal support. It was common to “borrow” cups of rice or sugar and to share food when one …

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Nate & Katy


We have been involved in Vancouver Cohousing since May 2012. While we currently live at Cranberry Commons Cohousing in Burnaby with our two young children, we are excited by the prospect of returning to East Vancouver, where we lived for …

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Cam & Vesanto


Cam Doré is the Executive Director of a local large Non Profit agency based in the Fraser Valley, the HOME Society.  He mentors a variety of other non profits. Cam travels as a result of presentations and conferences related to …

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lorne-sliderI’ve been in love with co-housing since I first heard about the idea in the mid-1990s. Not wanting to grow old alone in a box, cohousing fit my dream to live in a multi-generational community of kindred spirits.

Over the …

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Taryn & Darryl

taryndarryl-sliderDarryl and I got married in 2009 and our son Wilder was born at home in 2010. I have worked in a number of fields but most recently was in the video game industry which I left to raise our …

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I grew up in a community in Montreal. As kids, we played together in a large, open, undeveloped city lot, visited each others’ homes, knew some of the neighbours, and were known by the local grocer; when we forgot our …

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I was raised in Vancouver and have worked and brought up my family south of the Fraser.  Now it’s time to move back to the city.

Planning my retirement is exciting but I was concerned about leaving  much loved workmates, …

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Ericka & Andrew

andrewericka-sliderWhen we first heard about cohousing, we looked at each other and said “that just makes sense.” Having recently moved to Vancouver from Ottawa where we lived in a co-op downtown, we were already experienced in and exploring different opportunities …

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